The Ministry of Energy and Water prepared and adopted Lebanon's National Water Sector Strategy (NWSS) in 2010 which was endorsed by the Government of Lebanon in 2012 (Resolution No.2, Date 09/03/2012).

Seven years through, it was time to review what has been realized from the original roadmap and update the Water & Wastewater strategies of 2012 by revisiting the water allocation and supply plans, wastewater collection and treatment plans, water storage / dams master plans, and irrigation plans.

The updated strategy maintains the main strategic principles of the water policies adopted by the Government of Lebanon in 2012, but reassesses the then set priorities in light of today's actual context. This update also merges the National Water and Wastewater strategies of 2012 into one consolidated strategy that we shall call "Updated National Water Sector Strategy 2020", taking into account studies and projects completed between 2012 and 2019 in both fields.

Here you can find the national water setcor strategy

� Eng. Mahdi Wehbi, Water Sector Information Manager,